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Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network

Equipping leaders for faith at work engagement.

Our Purpose

Equipping leaders for faith at work engagement.

The recent Lausanne Global Workplace Forum highlighted the importance of God’s people reconciling Sunday with the rest of the week, transcending the sacred/secular divide and living out their faith through all of their life.

We know there is much work to be done in this realm.

That is why we want to collaborate with individuals and organizations across the nation to help Canadian Christians engage in God’s mission 7 days of the week. In church, and at work—wherever that may be.

The primary focus of this initiative is the local Canadian church, Canadian student ministries, and Canadian marketplace groups. Our desire is to encourage God’s people in these communities to embrace a deeply integrated life of faith and work through which God works to transform both the Canadian and the global society.

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Worker Faith at Work

About the Movement

The Faith at Work Network movement focuses on three main areas:

Workplace Faith Community

Curating Resources

Leveraging the expertise of a broad spectrum of church, business, academic, and agency leaders, we incorporated many work/faith resources and stories into an accessible ‘catalog’. We will update this catalog regularly. You can submit your suggestions or reviews of work/faith resources here.

Communicating Stories

Stories inspire us to live out our faith at work. We are collecting stories (videos, articles, audio) that illustrate the power of an integrated work/faith life to stimulate conversations and to spur one another on to walk with God in their front line. We want to make these stories available as useful resources to the local church, student ministry groups, and other Canadian communities of Jesus followers.

Lausanne Global Workplace Forum Speaker
Lausanne Global Workplace Forum Faith at Work

Catalyzing New Initiatives

We encourage new work/faith initiatives that will impact Canada and the global context, identifying and supporting local churches, student groups, and individuals involved in faith and work opportunities.

The Faith at Work Network was a proud catalyst for the launch of the BAM Canada Network and the Centre for Redemptive Entrepreneurship in 2021. We are confident that there are more to come as we work together across the country!

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An initiative of Understanding Our Common Calling

Our Common Calling (OCC) is a partnership of four Canadian national groups: The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC), Lausanne Canada, the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities (CCCC) and Christian Higher Education Canada (CHEC). The OCC partnership exists to encourage collaboration amongst God’s people as we together follow Jesus into the world.

Download the the “OCC Canadian Faith at Work Conversations” report: