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Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network


Faith at Work Workplace

Willy’s Story

When I entered the workforce, how I lived my faith on Sundays was not the same as when I was in the office. Sundays were a time of worship, praise,…
Bam Canada

Aubrey – Faith at Work Through Business

Wait – what? How’s that even possible? I Suppose it all depends on our Theology of Work. Our Theology of Work?  What does that mean? Do we even have one? …
Faitht at Work at Church – Jon Fuller

Jon Fuller – Faith at Work at Church

It’s interesting that even though these three words make absolute sense together theologically, they still look a little uncomfortable in a statement. As a mission agency leader, I’ve come to…
Suncor Prayer Network Logo

Tim – Suncor Prayer Network

Navigating the second year of the COVID 19 pandemic together, the Suncor Prayer Network remains a source of hope and encouragement for its members. The Wednesday noon hour gatherings remained…
Faith at Work Story

Johann’s Story – A World Opened

Jon Fuller introduced the One Way Ministries Workplace Network team to James Bruyn in March 2021. The Workplace Network was just launched in February of that same year. Albeit an…
Faith in the workplace story

Ken’s Story

I arrived at the Faith at Work Network late in the 2021 game. This past August I reconnected with James Bruyn when I was asked to return to CBMC as…