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Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network

An Oasis of Grace

    Imagine your work area as a sacred space, an oasis of grace. A place where everybody shows sincere love for one another. Where gentleness exists and mutual respect for each person’s talents and skills is appreciated. Where people submit to their managers or employers for the Lord’s sake. Imagine an organization where people are tenderhearted and humble. Where empathy flows freely. Where insults are repaid with blessings. 

    Envision a culture of peace marked by open, honest conversations, where coworkers focus on what is true, honorable, right, pure, loving, and admirable. Imagine a workplace in which you are respected for the skills and talents God blessed you with, and where you have opportunities to flourish and make meaningful contributions. What thoughts are going through your mind as you picture this workplace? 

    What would the conversations be like in this workplace? What would happen when you make a mistake, or you can’t quite figure out how to do your job? What would people say to you when you come to work carrying the joys and burdens of life? Would getting up this morning have been easier if this describes your work environment? 

    Although this may not be a picture of your work environment, are glimmers of any of these attributes there? Which of these characteristics do you see in your workplace, albeit imperfectly? Take a moment to praise the Lord for these. 

    Our Lord Jesus, when he walked the earth, created sacred spaces of grace in every interaction he had with people. He pours out his grace on us, he builds us up together into a spiritual temple and a holy priesthood, so together we can create sacred spaces, oases of grace. 

    How could you live your life, with family, friends, and coworkers, to create a sacred space, an oasis of grace, for others in your sphere of influence?

    Prayer Almighty God, thank you that your eyes are on the righteous and your ears are attentive to their cry. Grant me the courage and wisdom to create an oasis of grace where I live and work. Amen.