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Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network

Boldly Walk Into a New Life

    Prepare yourself mentally for action!
    Courageously walk away from choosing to satisfy your own desires. Make a clean break from sin, even as Christ’s finished work on the cross dealt once and for all with your sin. 

    Boldly walk into a new life marked by grace – a life that desires to do the will of God.

    1. A life framed by prayer; 
    2. A life of generosity and hospitality; 
    3. A life of service where you use your gifts in the workplace as faithful stewards of God’s grace, serving with the strength God provides; 
    4. A life of gracious speech where in every situation you only speak the words of God, words of life, words of hope, words of joy, words of peace, words of love; 

    Sink your roots in to God’s love for you. A love that is as enduring as God’s Word that lasts forever. 

    Freely, constantly and consistently share God’s love. 
    When you love other Christians, you enable them to be a reconciling presence in their workplace. You enable them to love, you enable them to offer hospitality. You enable them to serve with the gifts God has blessed them with. 
    When you are willing to suffer for the good of others, when you are willing to put the interests of others before your own – before your career interests and before your financial interests – then you become a reconciling presence in the workplace. Then you are done with sin in your life. 

    Choose to live this way so that God may be praised through Jesus Christ. Choose to live a life marked by grace for God’s glory. You are able to live this way because God has filled you with the power to live this way.

    Gracious Father, thank you for your grace. Help us to live our lives today to your glory and honor so that in all things you may be praised. Amen.