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Faith at Work Network

Confidence our Insignia (4)

    “Being confident in this, that He who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 1:6

    Those who are truly perceptive observe with all their senses. Some would call this “tuning in” to the environment surrounding us. Being attuned is more about what is going on beneath the surface than in what we see. There is a difference between sensing and seeing.

    Every circumstance has a sound. Difficult problems, people and circumstances clamor for attention. However, there is always another sound at work. It’s the sound of God. The sound that is the loudest is the sound we give our attention to. Funnily the noise of our circumstances has a way of drowning out the sound of the Spirit, at least initially. But, everything changes when we remember and declare the language of confidence:

    I am absolutely convinced
    the Father is utterly incapable of
    losing sight of me, ignoring me or abandoning me;
    nor is He capable of leaving me unfinished.

    To Ponder

    The outworking of Jesus in you requires you to be in tune with him. In your journey to completion what practice might you engage in to become a skilled perceptive observer just like Jesus? Perhaps a trusted friend can add helpful insights as you ponder.

    To Pray

    Lord Jesus, teach me your way of observing as I go about my day today. As my day gets noisy I will withdraw to a quiet place just like you did knowing your peace and wisdom will surface there. Thank you. In your presence Lord confidence rises. Let it rise. Let it rise! Amen!

    Crafted by Kervin Raugust…
    Founder, The INSIDE OUT Journey…