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Faith at Work Network

Confidence Our Insignia (5)

    What will it take for us to live a life of supreme confidence in God in the midst of every problem, difficulty, circumstance, difficult person, possibility and opportunity?

    First, we must know AND believe the nature of God is – unchanging faithfulness. Knowing is not our problem. We are very good at retaining knowledge about God. We are not so good at remaining steadfast in what we know when the noise of troublesome circumstances surrounds us. To believe is to trust. To trust is to hold fast to the truth even when circumstances are against us.

    Second, we must speak the language of confidence. Truth based declarations contain spiritual power released when spoken. Declarations change the atmosphere first within us and then around us. Develop the habit of declaring out loud:

    I am absolutely convinced
    the Father is utterly incapable of
    losing sight of me, ignoring me or abandoning me;
    nor is He capable of leaving me unfinished.

    Third, we must learn to pray with confidence. Confident prayer begins with remembering who God says he is; and it is remembering who he says he is for us personally. Remembering draws us up and into a place of intimacy with Lord God Almighty. Higher up and further in is the intention of God so that we increasingly experience his “bigness”. Confident prayer magnifies God making it possible to more clearly see his goodness, beauty and strength; and to hear his voice with greater clarity.  Real praying brings bigger and clearer revelation of God within making us aware that his presence over us is also for us in every circumstance.

    Fourth, we must learn to enter the arena of daily living with peaceful confidence. When adversity comes we are absolutely convinced the Lord Jesus Christ wants to reveal himself to us, as well as help us in our circumstances. It is Christ in us, with us and for us that empowers us to stand, to stand firm and to stay standing in the day of adversity. So, each day – in the midst of, in spite of and because of our circumstances we speak the declaration referenced above. Then, we watch the problem bow to Jesus’ irresistible nature either immediately or eventually.

    To Ponder

    There are two options,  “confidence is my insignia? OR confidence is my insignia!”. Which will you choose going forward? A trusted friend would like to hear of your decision.

    To Pray

    Thank you Lord God Almighty for inviting me into your confidence. Nothing rattles you. Nothing causes you to retreat. For this reason, I am steadfast in my trust and confidence that your provision and peace surround me. Today I declare, confidence is my insignia. Here I stand! Amen!

    Crafted by Kervin Raugust…
    Founder, The INSIDE OUT Journey