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Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network

God Sees You

    God sees you!

    The Lord who is in his holy temple; who is seated on his heavenly throne sees exactly what is happening in every moment of your life. There is nothing that is hidden from God. There is nothing that is beyond God’s penetrating gaze.
    God sees you today in every situation that you find yourself in. His knowledge of you and your life is holy, perfect, and all comprehensive. His perspective on what is happening in your life encompasses the past the present and the future. His perspective is not limited by time or space.

    God sees the infinite value of your life. God sees your life in totality – not piecemeal or sequentially. In his infinite wisdom God see things which we can never see or know or understand. God understands every possibility for your life. God’s understanding is beyond anyone’s ability to fathom. God’s wisdom is incomprehensible and yet every moment of every day he sees you.

    It is God who sees you, not a mere mortal with hidden agendas. God cares for you. God is filled with tender compassion toward you. God is all powerful. God, who sees you, is your creator, and the one who provides for all your physical, spiritual and emotional needs. 

    Not only does God see you, but God sees all the other people in your life. None of their inner thoughts, affections, temptations and secret inclinations are hidden from God. There is nothing in this world that is hidden from God’s penetrating gaze because God is fully present in all aspects of His creation. 

    No small act of kindness or grace is too trivial to be noticed by God. No petty sin is to small or too commonplace to catch his eye. The writer of Hebrews tells us that nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account (Heb 4:13). 

    God sees the times when you are strongest, happiest, and riding the crest of the wave of success. God sees your times of weariness, depression, the times when you feel like a failure or you can’t live up to other people’s expectations of you. 

    While this could be bad news if God was like Santa Claus and kept a list and was checking it twice and deciding if you are naughty or nice. But that is not what God is like. God doesn’t look at you to condemn you. God, your redeemer looks at you with mercy and grace longing to freely offer you forgiveness. God who sees you just as you are, sent his Son for you, because he wanted you to spend eternity with Him. 

    Rejoice that God sees you! You are not alone! You never have been alone! You never will be alone! 

    Why would you want to put your trust in other people who only see in part, when God sees everything? Why would you want to trust in the strength of other people, when you could rely on God’s power, the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead? Why would you want to rely on your own political acumen, when it is God who oversees the movements and destinies of all leaders? 

    Why do you continue to strive in your own strength, when God invites you to rest in his love? Why would you want to run to the false gods of substances, pornography or wrong relationships as a salve for your emotional and spiritual wounds, when God longs to offer you his peace and his blessings. 

    Place your trust in the abundant provision, supernatural power, and incomprehensible wisdom of God who sees you right now, right where you are!