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Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network

God’s Provision

    Give us today our daily bread

    Rejoice! Today you have the privilege of enjoying the bountiful provisions of our loving, holy Heavenly Father. Give thanks with a grateful heart for God’s provisions – a foretaste of the rich heavenly banquet when all our needs are fulfilled.

    Give thanks with a grateful heart, for God is Jehovah-Jireh your provider! God has provided for your needs for every day of your life. God’s provision for today is sufficient to sustain you for all that you will experience today, for God is fully aware of everything you will experience today. God will provide for your needs for tomorrow, at exactly the right moment, not a moment early, and not a moment late – you have nothing to worry about. God’s provision will ensure that his will, will be accomplished on earth as it is in heaven.

    When you in humility ask God for your daily bread, you are expressing your faith in our Heavenly Father who created the raw material you work with, who gave you the skills for your job, who placed you in your family and workplace so that your necessities could be met.
    Our loving, holy Heavenly Father not only provides for your physical needs, but he also provides for your spiritual needs. 

    Even though he would be mocked, abused and then crucified, Jesus chose to give his life for you, to meet your spiritual need for this moment. Because you have placed your faith in Jesus, God has blessed you with the Holy Spirit. Through the power of the Holy Spirit you can resist the temptations you are facing this moment at work. Through the power of the Holy Spirit you can love your co-workers unconditionally. 

    Through the power of the Holy Spirit you can have peace and joy this moment while you go about your work. You can experience forgiveness, you can forgive, you can resist temptation, and you can resist the evil one this moment because our Father in heaven is providing for all your needs. 

    Our loving, holy Heavenly Father not only provides for your physical and spiritual needs, but he also provides for your relational and emotional needs. 

    Each person you meet today, each person in your life is a blessing from God to support you, to train you, to sharpen you, to mature you, to encourage you. Because the Lord sustains you, you can lie down and sleep in peace. Because God provides for you, you don’t have to fear 10,000 people or even one person who might be against you. 

    Why has God provided your daily bread? 

    God has blessed you with everything you need for this moment so that you can obey his commands and instructions. God blesses you with your daily bread so that you can be a blessing to other people. 

    When the Israelites were travelling from Egypt to the promised land, they found themselves in the desert without any food. They did what we do when we’re hungry, when we don’t like our job, or we don’t like the people we work for – they grumbled and complained. God heard their grumbling (just like he hears ours). 

    God out of his abundant grace and mercy proved his trustworthiness! He rained down Manna every morning and sent quail every evening for them to eat for 40 years. Therefore you can confidently trust God to provide for your daily needs. 

    With this blessing of food came explicit instructions to only gather what they needed for the day, except on the 6th day when they were to gather enough food for two days. Hungry, and not sure that they could trust God, some of the people collected more than one day’s supply of food. The next morning their tents reeked of rotting food and the manna was infested with maggots. 

    Having provided for their daily bread, and seeing their disobedience God asks the Israelites a question – ‘How long will you refuse to keep my commands and my instructions?’ (Ex 16:28). 

    Stewarding God’s blessings 

    Before God sent a famine to the land of Egypt, God informed Pharaoh through a dream that the famine was coming. But before the famine came, God gave 7 years of bountiful blessing so that the Egyptians could prepare. God brought Joseph to Egypt and gave Joseph the wisdom to interpret Pharaoh’s dream and to be a wise steward of God’s provision over the next 14 years. 

    In the same way there will be seasons in your life when you enjoy your work, and your work environment. Sometimes this is followed by a season in life when you don’t enjoy your work, or you don’t enjoy your work environment, or a season of unemployment or underemployment. 

    In all of these seasons God continues to provide for your physical, spiritual, relational, emotional and financial needs. God also gives you the wisdom to be a wise steward of his daily provision in whatever situation you find yourself in. 
    Here are some thoughts as to how you can be a wise steward of God’s bountiful blessings on your life: 

    • Are you carefully living 10% to 15% below your income so that when the season of your life changes, you are not enslaved to your employer, so you have the freedom to choose to remain or to leave your job without worrying about finances? 
    • Are you surrounding yourself with emotionally strong people who you are investing your life in, so that when the seasons change, they will be there to support you emotionally? 
    • Are you taking care of your body physically, so that when the stress level in your life skyrockets through the roof (which it will) your body has the physical reserves to face the situation without crashing? 
    • Are you delighting in the law of the Lord, and meditating on his law, day and night, so that you can continue to bear fruit when the seasons of your life change? 


    May your heart be filled with praise for God’s bountiful provision in your life. 

    Praise God from whom all Blessings flow, 
    Praise him all Creatures here below, 
    Praise him above, ye Heavenly Host. 
    Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost