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Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network


    We can face today with a living hope! 

    With hope we can walk boldly towards our future because God holds our future securely in his hands. God will faithfully fulfill all his promises. 

    With hope we can soar on wings like eagles; you can run and not grow weary; we can walk and not faint. Our hope is the active source of our strength to overcome temptation. 

    Our hope gives us the courage to face the hostile forces of guilt, shame and death. 

    Our hope rests in the reality of God’s victory over evil through the death and resurrection of Jesus, and God’s gift of the Holy Spirt. 

    Hope, one of God’s precious gifts of Christmas enables us to endure anxiety with confidence and humility. 

    Because we have hope, we can choose to live today joy. Because we have hope, we can choose today to love each person we work with. 

    Hope invites us to watch and pray, trusting that God holds our future, and the future of our coworkers, our family and friends.


    Heavenly Father, thank you for the precious gift of hope that you have freely given to us through your son Jesus. Help us today to rest in your hope. Amen.

    James Bruyn