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Faith at Work Network

Is an adversity free life possible?

    Is Eric Weihenmayer right?

    Eric Weihenmayer lost his eyesight at the age of 15. He is the exemplar the adversity advantage. Eric is the only blind person in history to climb the tallest peaks on every continent, including Mount Everest. Eric’s life speaks:

    To be blunt, adversity is utterly heartless. It is completely indifferent to our success or failure. It doesn’t care about our human definition of fairness or justice, and it would just as soon crush us as propel us through the gauntlet. Like a gale-force wind, it can do serious damage. Or, if harnessed it can take you farther than you could otherwise go. …And it all begins when you turn into the storm and take it on! (From: The Adversity Advantage: Turning Everyday struggles into Everyday Greatness by Weihenmayer and Stoltz.)

    An adversity free life is a mirage. The reality is adversity is a gift that does not leave us where it finds us. Embracing adversity is something God asks us to do. Doing so is an act of sustaining faith. This is not the kind that brings us into relationship with God rather it is the kind of faith that keeps us there.

    People of faith are called to live by faith not by sight. Living by faith is not easy. At times living by faith is like seeing through a Canadian east coast Atlantic fog. Sustaining faith sees through the fog of adversity to find an active God. It sees God as one who keeps His promises either in the now moment or eventually. In between these there is waiting. Sustaining faith knows God is in the waiting working out His plan to give us hope and a future.

    I have plans for you…
    My plan is to give you hope and a better future.
    Jeremiah 29:11 (Paraphrase)


    Hear my prayer O God. Bouncing back is not enough. I want to bounce forward for in this others will become stronger with me. Sustain my faith I pray as I turn into the storm and take it on. Help me to achieve a lifestyle of indefatigable resiliency. Amen!

    Crafted by Kervin Raugust…
    Founder, The INSIDE OUT Journey