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Power – A gift to be Stewarded

    Power Series – Part One

    “You will receive power when Holy Spirit comes on you TO BE My representative…” Acts 1:8a

    Is the word power a frightful word to you?

    Often, the word power evokes a negative image. Our minds recall a scary person in a position of power like a teacher, manager, officer, political leader and for some even a parent. These images cause us to see power as dangerous, something to be avoided – rather than a gift to be stewarded.

    Stewarding a gift does not imply ownership of the gift, rather it speaks of the desire to serve by the one giving the gift as well the purpose of the gift. Some, it is true, forget the purpose of power is to help others flourish. Andy Crouch in his book “Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power“, reminds us our first sighting of God Almighty is as creator. As creator, God used power to give life. Crouch speaks, “The deepest form of power is creation, and when power takes the form of coercion or violence, that is actually a diminishment of and distortion of what it is meant to be.”

    Power is meant to serve others, to encourage them to flourish in the outworking of their lives. Jesus taught, if you want to be great in the eyes of God, advance His purposes by using your personal and/or positional power to serve others (See Mark 10:43-45). Jesus modelled the way to do it. He chose to steward the gift of His positional power to see the love of God via the cross. His was a magnanimous expression of power!

    Magnanimous people are great souled people who are generous in their use of personal and/or positional power. They serve the best interests of others freely-loving, accepting and believing in them. They forgive insult or injury; reject resentment or vindictiveness, especially doing so toward those of lesser power and/or position.


    Feelings of gratitude and aspiration are rising in me. Thank you Jesus for stewarding your personal and positional power for me. I aspire to be magnanimous in stewarding my personal and positional power, just like You! Amen.

    Prepared by Kervin Raugust
    The Inside Out Journey