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Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network

Pray for God’s Power for Your Coworkers

    Pray that your co-workers would know the surpassing greatness of God’s power!

    The same divine power that raised Christ from the dead is active today in the Marketplace. God’s power is evidenced in the marketplace when we keep ourselves from self-sufficiency, self-confidence and pride. 

    God’s power has given Christ a name that is above any other name in this world or the world to come. God’s power has placed Christ above all people who are in positions of power or leadership. God has never been corrupted by his power.

    Pray that your co-workers would be overwhelmed by what God by his power has done, is doing and will do, rather than being overwhelmed by this world.

    Pray that God’s un-surpassing power would be the source of your Christian co-workers energy, vitality, life, and fruit. Pray that through their cracked, broken, frail bodies the brilliance of God’s glory would shine through.

    Pray that God though his mighty power would transform the lives of your co-workers who do not know Christ, so that they would have hope, joy and a peace that passes all understanding.