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Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network

Pray For Hope

    Pray that your co-workers would have Hope and not be discouraged!

    Hope is lived out in the marketplace. The hope that formed our hearts when we heard and responded to the gospel transcends any hope for possessions or wealth or friendship. Hope rooted in faith in Christ, is a living hope for continuous fellowship with God and with other Christians. With hope we can endure all the stresses, joys, disappointments, accomplishments and frustrations of work.

     Pray that the eyes of the hearts of your co-workers would be enlightened so that they would grasp the immensity of the hope to which Christ has called them.

     Pray that throughout the day their hope would rest in God himself, and God’s gracious word of forgiveness. Pray that they would not be discouraged.

    Pray that your colleagues who have never experienced God’s hope in their life, would place their trust in Jesus, and come to know the priceless treasure of God’s hope.