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Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network

Promise Bearers

    As a Christian, you belong to a generation of promise bearers! This morning you carry God’s promises into your workplace. You bring God’s promises with you into every meeting, every conversation and every task that you do at work. As God’s promise bearer you declare the wonder of what God is doing in your life and your workplace! 

    You are God’s promise bearer because you are God’s blessed child – not perfect, not virtuous, not sinless – just blessed! God loves you, simply because you are you. 

    As God’s promise bearer you are empowered by the incomprehensible power of the Creator! When you rest in the promises of God in whatever happens in your workplace the life transfusing power of the blood of the Lamb makes you fully alive. 

    When you are constantly pursuing the perfect job in the perfect work environment you will inevitably only find loneliness. When you try to protect yourself from the struggles, interpersonal conflicts and challenges of your work you will find yourself all alone. 

    I invite you today to take the risk of being fully seen and fully present in your current job. Then you will discover what it means to be fully alive! 
    When you bubble-wrap yourself from being hurt by the pains of this world you are isolating yourself from the Creator and depriving yourself of the tangible sense of God’s presence in your life. 

    The God of love doesn’t stand idly by observing what is happening in your workplace. God is part of it. Because God is present and sharing in the experience of your work, God will provide you with more than sufficient strength to be his promise bearer. 

    When you open yourself to experience God’s intimacy in your job, God hallows your createdness! Because God is present in your workplace, your soul can find contentment and flourish into maturity. Why would you want to hide from the supernatural relationship your inmost spirit craves? Why would you tremble, hiding in fear, when you could see God’s redemptive power in your workplace? 
    As a promise bearer you see and proclaim the light of God’s righteousness, God’s grace, God’s blessing and God’s love shining brightly through the drama and office politics of your workplace. God’s promises and purposes don’t depend on human resolve or willingness. 

    As a promise bearer you do not need to be afraid when things don’t appear to turn out all right, or when justice doesn’t seem to triumph, or your project isn’t wrapped up with a nice neat bow around it. Ask God to infuse you with the courage to say ‘not my will but God’s be done’ in your work context. Then, as God’s promise bearer, declare to all who will listen that while God’s purposes are hidden and mysterious, they are also utterly gracious! 

    As a promise bearer there is no need for you to linger and try to analyze or explain what is happening at work or in the world or with the Coronavirus. Instead, as a promise bearer you have the exciting privilege to proclaim hope while helping people discern and relish the wonder of what God is doing! 

    As part of a generation of promise bearers you have the opportunity to declare that God brings a redemptive answer to all situations. An answer that opens eyes and ears to see the good in what God has created. 

    As a promise bearer you have the delight to proclaim with thanksgiving and praise that God’s ways are higher than our ways, and God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts. As a promise bearer you do not need to find explanations, for there is no explanation when we see God is at work. 

    As a promise bearer you have the joy of joining with other promise bearers in boldly proclaiming “holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, the whole earth, including every workplace, is full of his glory!” 

    As a promise bearer, you are also a bearer of God’s love. As a bearer of God’s love, you have the choice to refuse to put yourself in bondage by cursing your coworkers, your workplace and customers. As a bearer of God’s love you have the choice to share in Heaven’s blessings by blessing your coworkers, your workplace and your customers. When you bless, bless without wanting to manipulate. Bless without insisting that everything in your workplace be straightened out. Bless without insisting on being heard. 

    When your feeble love or lack of love cannot find the strength to bless someone, release that person into God’s hands. God’s powerful, abundant love will do exceedingly more than you can ask or imagine in that person’s life! 

    As God’s promise bearer your life helps people fix their eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal! (2 Cor 4:18) 

    As God’s promise bearer, your life is an invitation to your coworkers and customers to encounter the living God! As God’s promise bearer, your life is an invitation to others to step into a new future, where their past has been forgiven, their present has been redeemed, and their future is saturated with hope.