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Faith at Work Network

What does it take to bounce back?

    It seems the most resilient people on the planet are people who have learned to show up with a hope-filled outlook. This learning does not come easily as life has a way of stomping all over hope. Everywhere and all the time all humans face circumstances that cause the soul to cry out. In the midst of adversity real hope fuels resiliency and anchors it to another realm.

    Resiliency is about much more than bouncing back. It is about developing an indefatigable lifestyle. This is the very thing that causes participants in the Eco Challenge – The World’s Toughest Race to overcome the gruelling challenges of the multiple day course. Mark Burnett founder of Eco-Challenge says this, “Suffering requires perseverance, which creates character, which gives hope.” Hope fuels resiliency.

    Hope speaks the language of confident expectancy. This is not a message of denial about how mean life can be. Expectancy is about avoiding being chained to the pain of the past or being ensnared to the pain of the present. Avoidance is about making a choice to bounce forward expecting I will be better tomorrow than I am today. Expectant confident hope has immense pulling power. Mark Burnett is spot on!

    But one thing I do, forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead. I press on toward the goal … Philippians 3:13-14


    Lord Jesus Christ, I know you understand the disappointments and pain life throws at me at times. You faced them too. Hope dashed is hard to recover from. Thank you for being present to me in the midst of my hurts. Teach me the way, Your way of bouncing back! I want to learn. Amen!

    Crafted by Kervin Raugust…
    Founder, The INSIDE OUT Journey