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Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network

Whose voice are you listening to?

    Out in the open wisdom calls aloud … in the public square … at the city gate she makes her speech … Repent at my rebuke! Then I will pour out my thoughts to you, I will make known to you my teachings. (Prov 1:20a,23 NIV)

    Out of the myriad of voices calling out to you in the middle of where you work and live, is the voice of God. God freely, tenderly, and passionately calls you to trust him and obey him. His hand is outstretched toward you, beckoning you to come home. His hand is there to catch you when you stumble, and to hold you fast so that you do not fall. When you experience doubts as to how you should live, God is there to provide insight so that you can live a life that is rich in every dimension. When you are enticed by sin, God is there calling you to repent and return to the path of righteousness. As you go about your daily routine, God is there to protect your soul from all harm that Satan may try to inflict on you.

    When you hear God’s voice, and live your life in such a way that it is pleasing in his sight, God crowns you with love and compassion and blesses you so that your life is attractive to those around you. Although discussing the Christian faith may be frowned upon where you work, your godly attitudes and actions have a strong influence. Many people will remember the example of your grace filled life long after your words are silent. 

    In Proverbs 1:8-33 Wisdom is personified as a unique woman who wears the mantle of a prophet, while carrying the scrolls of wise men. She portrays a series of contrasts. Against the enticing call of sinners to pursue worldly gain at any cost, is the voice of wisdom offering to pour out her thoughts and teachings to us. Wisdom offers us the choice between chasing after material wealth and throwing in our lot with sinners or developing a Godly character which is attractive to God and others. Finally, Wisdom highlights the ultimate cost of our decision to listen or ignore the voice of God –peace or destruction. There are no middle grounds, or shades of grey – either listen to God or be enticed by sinners.

    The paradox of the Christian faith is that when we submit to God, when we believe that there is a Creator who has established moral boundaries, we discover true wealth, we enter into true community and we experience true peace. But more than that, we discover that we are loved.