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Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network

Why is it so hard to trust and harder still to trust again?

    To trust is to consistently believe the intentions of others are good. This sounds a little risky, even insane. Risk averse people will likely not buy into it and yet without trust life becomes increasingly closed. A closed life certainly avoids risk and feels safe but at the same time does not allow for the discovery of an adventurous life nor does it make space for the gifts people offer.

    Think about Canadian winters which introduce a season of unique adventures. When winter arrives Canada changes color, mountains are beautified with a new coat, lakes and ponds transform with a frozen glassy cover. Over time the ice thickens inviting Canadians to slap on their skates. Before this happens, wisdom advises, test the thickness of the ice to be sure it can be trusted. Someone has to take a risk believing the time is right for the ice to be ready; and then discovering the ice is ready winter wonderland adventures begin. Evidence gathered makes it easier to trust and opens the way for an adventurous life. Skate on Canada!

    Just as understanding the nature of ice is important to actually skating on it so too is understanding the nature of God important to developing hope and resiliency. Knowing the true nature of God matters. If God being completely pure cannot tell a lie and can only have good intentions for us then He has to keep His promises. Why? Because it is His nature. Hope then, as confident trust, produces certainty of expectations grounded in the promises of God. Anchored hope makes it possible to live a lifestyle of resiliency.

    Be strong, take courage, hope in the LORD.
    Psalm 31:24


    Your promises O God are guaranteed by your unchanging nature. Hear my heartfelt declaration, I know Your intentions toward me are for my good! Lord God, increase my capacity to trust and help me when it is hard to trust,  to trust again. Amen!


    Crafted by Kervin Raugust…
    Founder, The INSIDE OUT Journey