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Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network


Decreasing Joyfully

    You belong to God! God has created you for a special purpose for this time! You don’t have to claim to be someone you’re not. Rejoice at the position and abilities God has gifted you with. They are an honor bestowed on you from heaven.… Read More »Decreasing Joyfully

    Pure Hearts

      God knows and cares about every aspect of your heart – your emotions, your feelings, your desires, your passions, your thoughts, your reflections. Your heart matters to God! God has done an amazing, generous work in your life! God has given you a new heart!… Read More »Pure Hearts

      Delight In The Lord

        Today God invites you to delight in him! Trust in the victorious name of Jesus that subdues all that isn’t holy or true. Accept God’s gift of love freely offered to you. God’s love will create in you a pure heart and renew a steadfast… Read More »Delight In The Lord


          Temptations can ensnare you or paralyze you. Capitulating to temptation impacts your life and the life of your coworkers, family and friends. Consistently succumbing to a particular temptation can over time ruin your career or life. You can think that you can outsmart temptations, and… Read More »Temptation