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Faith at Work Network

Faith at Work Network

Daily Devotionals

God’s Unfailing Love

Seeds are small and insignificant. Yet they have God’s life in them. A life that can only be fulfilled when they die. When a seed dies it lies dormant in…

Celebrate Forgiveness

Today you have a reason to celebrate! Today you have a reason to be glad! God out of his infinite grace and mercy offers you his gift of forgiveness! God’s…


In the job where God has placed you, you can learn the sweet lessons of contentment. Contentment which you will enjoy perfectly in heaven. Contentment is the secret to courageous…

Ten Ways a Leader Can Follow Jesus

In Psalm 63 we read the testimony of King David, one of Israel’s greatest leaders who knew what it meant to be a follower of Jesus. He gets up in…

What is Faith At Work

God provides a context for your work – an eternal, grand story in which to anchor your life. The story of redemption! The story of God’s will being accomplished! The…

God’s Voice Speaks Strength and Peace

The divine voice of the Lord, with transcendent and unattainable mystery, brings words of truth and hope. Even when your world is shaken, God remains steadfast and calm on his…

God’s Voice Convicts and Redeems

Like an earthquake ripping across the wilderness, stripping the forest bare in judgment, God’s word strips off masks and reveals secret sins. The voice of the Lord melts hearts, consumes…
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